Monday, September 2, 2013

Who is Ann Kit Suet Chin-Chan

我是 Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪
 my Chinese name in Hanyu Pinyin and characters.  Chen Jie

 Xue 洁雪

In Sarawak my name was Kit Suet. The meaning is clean 


I am the writer of "Diary of a Bereaved Mother "

The TV Program is available in New Zealand only.

Forward by : Pastor Jonathan Dove.

 My baby died 22 years ago. I have become a  spokes person for bereaved parents. I am a member of Sands and a parent advocate.

After the book was released,
My book was featured in the Aucklander.
I appeared in Television 1 Down Under program. It's ok to cry
I spoke in the Baptist Women's Annual Convention, North Island Chapter.

eartexhibition.html  My book was exhibited  at the Peacock 

Art Gallery, Upton Country, Dorset, Park England.

Available in New Zealand at: Women's Bookshop, University Bookshop, Auckland, Church of Christ Bookshop
Online orders: Wheeler books, , Overseas order: Bookworks <>

Third Edition, June 2012,  306 pages, 
categories: self help, inspiration, bereavement,


First edition, February, 2013 310 pages
categories:Life Stories (Biographies,

 Autobiographies, Family Histories, 


First edition: July 2013 Fiction
This book is the embodiment of the darker side of today’s society. 

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