Wednesday, October 30, 2013

feedback from a photographer

Kelly Miller
To Me
Today at 9:40 AM
I wanted to tell you thank you so much for exposing the dark side behind mail order brides. I'm a photographer, and I'm researching mail order brides because I want to do a photoshoot about the depersonalization behind their experience. It's really difficult to find anything that's not a joke or a stereotype. I feel like most of these women are seen as property and not living human beings. I want to do a photo to display the darker side of what goes on and how a woman becomes a commodity. It's really discouraging when while researching this subject all I find are offhanded jokes.  It's sad that so many woman who are mail order brides experience such humiliation or even death. Thank you for being a voice for those who feel like they have no one to stand up for them. I feel much more encouraged to continue on with my project knowing I won't be going on alone. :)

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