Monday, November 30, 2015

Asian wife shouted at in supermarket

This sounds so much like Norman and Emma turned Isabella.

Marlborough man charged with offensive language

A man has admitted using offensive language after screaming obscenities at his wife in a Blenheim supermarket.
Andrew Graham Wilson, 45, a vineyard worker of Blenheim, appeared at the Blenheim District Court on Monday.
A police summary of facts said Wilson and his wife Hsiu Chen Tsao were shopping for groceries at Countdown, in Blenheim, on October 30.
Wilson realised he had lost his wallet while in the supermarket.
He began shouting obscenities at Tsao because he thought he had given it to her. He told her to get back in the car and shortly followed her.
An onlooker reported the incident to the police.
Wilson continued yelling abuse at Tsao in the car and stopped only when he was phoned by police, who informed him his wallet had been handed in to the Blenheim Police Station.
His lawyer Rob Harrison said Tsao "had no qualms" about the incident.
Judge Graham Ellis surmised that she was "used to being treated like that".
"She understands sometimes he uses inappropriate language. She's very supportive of him," Harrison said.
Judge Ellis did not award an emotional harm payment to Tsao because it might incite more anger in the relationship, he said.
Wilson was convicted and fined $250.
 - The Marlborough Express

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