Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Six teenagers arrested after brutal attack

In the books, there were uncontrollable street kids and gangs.

Six teenagers arrested after brutal attack

Six young teenagers have been arrested following an attack and robbery of a woman leaving the Papakura train station on December 15
Six young teenagers have been arrested following an attack and robbery of a woman leaving the Papakura train station on December 15
Six teenagers, some aged as young as 13, have been arrested after they attacked and robbed a young woman in Papakura.
Tian Wang, 23, was attacked near the Papakura Train Station on December 15 after she got off a train at 11pm.
She had been on her way home from work at a restaurant in Newmarket when she was attacked by the group of teens who had been on same train.
When she failed to arrive home, her worried father drove to the station looking for her. He found her lying in the station carpark, beaten so badly he could barely recognise her.
They stole her cellphone and stripped her shoes from her.
National MP Dr Jian Yang who has been visiting Wang, said the attack was incredibly vicious.
"They attacked mainly her face. I looked at photos from the day and she's very bruised and swollen," he said.
A police spokeswoman said six teenagers aged from 13 to 16 had now been arrested in relation to the attack and robbery.
"They've all been charged with aggravated robbery and have been remanded in youth custody facilities," she said.
Yang said the six young teenagers most likely attacked the woman because she was alone, there was nobody around and she was an easy target.
As he understood it, Wang had a bag on her back, and the attackers came up behind her and pulled on it.
She fell backwards and they surrounded her, attacking her face and stole her belongings, he said.
"It's quite a traumatic attack from a number or people so you can imagine the physcological effects," he said.
"After a major attack like this the girl would still feel concerned and scared, that's why she still needs people around her."
Yang said the main concern is the extent of her eye injuries, which will need surgery. She suffered broken bones and now one eye was sitting lower than the other side he said.
When he visited her in hospital, she covered her face and didn't want to be seen, he said.
The six youths will appear in the Papakura Youth Court on January 8.
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