Friday, January 15, 2016


Ram raiders assault Pt Chevalier dairy owner with hammer

Ram raiders used a car to reverse into Point Superette in Pt Chevalier on January 9.
Ram raiders used a car to reverse into Point Superette in Pt Chevalier on January 9.
An Auckland dairy owner is recovering after ram raiders assaulted him with a mallet.
Alex Wang and his father William had been asleep when they heard a car reverse into the front of their Pt Chevalier dairy at 4.25am on January 9.
"We live at the back and when it hit it vibrated the house and woke us up," Alex Wang says.
CCTV footage shows four offenders running into Point Superette, on the corner of Pt Chevalier Rd.
Alex and his father went to investigate the disturbance and saw the offenders stuffing their pockets with cigarettes.
He says the pair had to use metal poles to defend themselves after the men began throwing things at them.
"They were throwing everything they could get their hands on at us."
Alex says one of the men picked up a mallet, which the dairy owner uses for breaking up ice, and threw it at his father's head.
The offenders then fled in two vehicles, leaving a third car at the scene.
A police spokesperson says one of the vehicles was recovered on Weymouth Rd, Manurewa at about 5.20am.
It had been stolen earlier from a Pt Chevalier property, she says.
Alex says his father received hospital treatment following the assault and is now recovering at home with a bandaged head.
"He's fine and will get better.
"We're all having trouble sleeping."
Police say investigations are ongoing. Contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 with any information.
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