Friday, November 8, 2013

ABC letter Q:Presentation and quotes

During my book tour, I gave a presentation to 3 institutions, Methodist School, Rejang Teachers' Institute and Kai Chung School. I encouraged those who are interested to write to send their writings to writing forums.
I found this in the Writers Beat. I feel honoured.
When you write, you quote famous writers. You also quote things that is important to your piece of work, like in this case, a student who attended my presentation, and wrote to another forum.

Expressive writing is my forte I think.
I am not sure but I do know my narrating skills aren't half-bad.

I write on an amateur writing site before I knew of this site from a writer, Ann Chin Kit Suet.
If I ever find her username here, I would thank her for rekindling a dying flame.

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  1. Like the garb. Quotes seemed to be the topic of the week.