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Borneo Post press release

3 books by Sibu author set for launching

Posted on October 6, 2013, Sunday
SIBU: The three books penned by Sibu-born author Ann Chin Kit Suet is slated to be officially launched at RH Hotel here on Oct 12.
Second Finance Minister Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh has been invited to launch the books, which are written in English.
This was announced during a press conference at Guangning Association here yesterday. Also present were association chairman Kong Tze Ling, Penghulu Ten Kim Loong and Chin’s family members. Chin’s first book `Diary of a Bereaved Mother’ was published in Kuching in April 2011. It tells of a mother’s trauma sitting for 55 days by her new born son Andrew who was struggling for breath. She loved him, but was unable to help him.
Rebecca Blithe, who received the book, wrote: “For parents undergoing similar experiences, this book can be a great comfort. For health professionals in this field, I would see it as essential reading.”
Chin’s second masterpiece ‘From China to Borneo and Beyond’ was published in February this year. It tells of two families, Chans and Kongs, and traced their history from 1907 in Kwang Zhou, China, to the jungles of Borneo.
It also touched on the Opium war, virgin tropical jungles, World War II, Colonial era and the communist insurgency.
Chin’s latest effort ‘Mail Order Bride’ was published in July. It embodies the darker side of today’s social issues that could arise in any big city from obsession, mail order bride, murder, suicide, toy boy, con Romeo, mother-daughter rivalry, paedophile, child pornography, prostitution, modelling, fraud, childhood shenanigans, runaway street kids, anorexia, nervosa, teen pregnancy street kids and boy racers.

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Sibu-born author holds book signing session

Posted on October 22, 2013, Tuesday
GREAT AUTHOR: Chin (seated) with others at the signing session.
KUCHING: Sibu-born author Ann Chin Kit Suet held a signing session at Smart Bookshop, Plaza Merdeka here, of the three books she penned.
Chin who now lives in New Zealand was a former student of the Minister of Local government and Community Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh.
Born and bred in Sibu, Chin has self published the three books – A Diary of a Bereaved Mother: Goodbye My Baby (non-fiction), From China to Borneo and Beyond (non-fiction), and Mail Order Bride (fiction).
Wong, who is also Second Finance Minister, said being a writer is not easy, especially when one wanted to make a living out of it.
He pointed out that the beginning is always the hardest as the author is unknown.
“But, when you ask any author why they wanted to write, they have many reasons. If an author could come out with very good books, then the author could earn lots of money, but most of the time making profits is not always the point.”
The books are available at Smart bookshop of the Summer Mall and also at Plaza Merdeka.
The signing session was a success whereby Chin managed to meet up with her long time former students, friends and relatives.
Smart book shop also just opened their 5th branch at the Summer Shopping Mall with an opening promotion of 20 per cent discount for all books and special discount for stationery.
For more information, the public are advised to call 082-673858.
Smart bookshop is proud to participate in this event and will continue to collaborate with local authors to promote local talents in book writing.
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Brunei Press release

Sibu-Born Author, Ann Chin Kit Suet Promotes Books

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Kiulap: A Press conference was held, for the Sibu-born author Ann Chin Kit Suet to promote her three books, which was held at Ximply Chriz Café in Regent Square, Kiulap yesterday.
Ann who is an English teacher, teaching English as a second language to immigrant children at Point Chevalier School, New Zealand, wrote three books; Diary of a Bereaved Mother; From China To Borneo & Beyond and Mail Order Bride which were launched October 12 in Sibu, Sarawak.
Her first book, Diary of a Bereaved Mother, is her autobiography and written journey of knowing her newborn child did not have long to live to eventually losing her child and how she coped after.
The book propelled her into public speaking, which she did to share her experience with other bereaved parents.
From China To Borneo and Beyond was her second autobiography book, which is a hundred year old journal of two Families, the Chans and the Kongs. The book contains records of historical events and current affairs endured by her family from 1907 to 2006 such as the Opium war, virgin tropical jungle, the Japanese World War, colonial days, revelation and fighting with the communists.
Her third book, Mail Order Bride is the first fiction piece from Ann. She said that the book targets an audience of young adults and that it appeals readers interested in social issues and ills that young adults have to face.
Ann said that she has been writing since she was little and the people, who motivated her to write were her late father and her former history teacher during her days in Methodist Secondary School Sibu, Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh, who is now the Minister of Local Government and Community Development in Sarawak, Malaysia.
"Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh, once brought books by Han Suyin into class and I was amazed that a Chinese born author can write English books. This inspired me to pursue my career as a writer," she said.
She is also very active in charity work such as setting up funds to support deaf children in Kenya and the NTU Wives funding for separation operations of conjoined twins.
She also said that money from book sales of Diary of a Bereaved Mother go to Sands New Zealand which is a parent-run, non-profit groups supporting families who have experienced the death of their child.
"I didn't write my book "Diary of a Bereaved Mother" to make money, I wrote it to help people, but all the publicity eventually propelled me into public speaking", she said.
When asked on her future plans, she said, "I will try to write more fiction in the future, and with the leftover material for 'From China To Borneo and Beyond' book, I might just write a sequel of the book."
Ann's books can be found in Sarawak Community Library's, Auckland public Library's in New Zealand and in New South Wales Librarys in Australia.
Her books are priced at $35 each, $60 for two books and $90 for three books.
For purchases and enquiries, the public can contact Wong Ngie Sek, the Director of Aptbility Trading Company at 8720255 or email at

Press release

SIBU: A local writer, Ann Chin Kit Suet (pic), will have her three books released for sale by Second Finance Minister Datuk Seri Wong Soon Koh on Oct 12.
Ann, who spoke at a press conference yesterday, said the books were Dairy of a Bereaved Mother, From China to Borneo and Beyond, and Mail Order Bride.
Also at the press conference were Guangning Association chairman Kong Tze Ling, community leader Penghulu Ten Kim Loong together with Ann’s family members, associates and friends.
Ann’s first book was published in Kuching in April 2011.
The book is an account of a mother’s trauma during 55 days of taking care of her newborn son Andrew who was struggling to breath.
“A review of the book by Rebecca Blithe wrote: “For parents undergoing similar experiences, this book can be a great comfort. For health professionals ‘in this field’, I would see it as essential reading,” said Ann.
The second book was published last February.
It is about a hundred-year journal of two families — the Chans and the Kongs going back to 1907 in Kwang Zhou, China to the jungles of Borneo followed by six generational records with a second wave of migration to England, Canada, Japan, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.
This book covers the story of the Opium War, virgin tropical jungle, Second World War, colonial days, a revolution, and a fight against communists which the families had to go through.
As for the Mail Order Bride published in July 2013, it is about the darker side of today’s urban social issues such as obsession, mail order brides, murder, suicide, mother-daughter rivalry, child pornography, prostitution, modelling, fraud, childhood shenanigans, runaway street kids, anorexia, nervosa and teen pregnancy.

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Tear Fund and Dan Bremnes


Dan Bremnes was in MT Albert Baptist Church this morning. He spoke to us and reminded me of freezing Canada when I was a student there.
Dan is a truly gifted Canadian worship artist and grew up serving on his local church worship team in Canada. He is immersed in writing, performing, arranging and recording music. He was at MAB on Sunday 26 January with TEARfund(inbetween playing at Parachute Festival). He is an awesome communicator and musician, Dan came with Gavin, senior product Manager, Beth, Sheena and Sharron.

Tear fund reminds of the Street Kids in my book.

Cottage Sweet Cottage

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Western Springs

Isabella often went to Western Springs and be thrilled by the spring baby birds.

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Support Cameron's Law

Dear friends,

I am posting this on behalf of a fellow bereaved mother whose son was murdered.

Support Cameron's Law is designed to bring awareness to, and get a bill passed into law that forces witness's of child abuse to report it.

This is the bill that my daughter wrote and we are sending to the Senate and the President :

Sponsor............Christianna Harris
Short Title: Cameron's Law
October 16, 2013
TO: Require that any time child abuse is suspected or witnessed by any citizen or non citizen

Today I met a Heather, a grieving mother online and she told me her son was murdered. My heart went all out for her and asked if I could help her in anyway. She has a page is trying to get as many likes on the page as possible to try and get this law passed..

 I chatted with her sister Chavelle to piece the story.

In 2008, 6 years old Cameron Palmer was in the care of his 49 year Old Grand Uncle. Tony Gonsoulin, has been arrested and charged with child abuse and murder after abusing his six year old nephew to death. Tony is imprisoned for 20 years. 

Police interviewed Richard D'Ginto, a neighbor who witnessed the boy being dunked from over a dividing fence. The neighbor told police he saw Gonsoulin submerge the Cameron underwater for 20 to 30 seconds at a time, while shouting at the boy.

"The man held him under water and he'd tell the boy, 'You do what I tell you and stuff like that,'" D'Ginto said.

The bill will mean Richard D'Ginto, a neighbor who witnessed the boy being dunked from over a dividing fence will have to report the offense.